Powering the world efficiently and sustainably

ENGIE Storage (formerly Green Charge) designs, deploys, operates, and aggregates battery-based energy storage. As the nation’s number one distributed energy storage company, we serve energy producers, distributors, and consumers, including utilities, network operators, and energy consumers in business and government.

Because energy storage has the potential to deliver both financial and environmental benefits, ENGIE Storage is committed to maximizing both. Our performance-based financing options and guarantees, and our high sustainability standards help ensure that both our customers and our planet can thrive.

Are you ready for energy-as-a-service?

We are. As the energy storage arm of ENGIE, the world’s largest provider of energy and energy-efficiency services, we can help you take advantage of energy-as-a-service (EaaS) opportunities to improve the way you manage your energy portfolio:

Energy Providers

ENGIE can be your trusted partner in projects that offer greater value to customers, boost revenue streams, and enable more ecologically sustainable practices.

Commercial or public-sector facility manager

We have the financial, technological, and knowledge resources to help you stress less and deliver more reliable, cost-efficient, sustainable energy to your users.

Spark your career with ENGIE Storage

Do you have a passion for energy—and the energy to make a difference? Join the team that is working to help every organization power itself efficiently and sustainably.

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