You pay for energy. So, make the most of it.

You can’t control the grid. But you can take greater control of your energy costs—and even generate revenues—with on-site energy storage.

Reduce demand charges

Reduce demand charges. When loads at your facility spike, your battery-based storage system automatically discharges power. By avoiding grid demand spikes, you can minimize this significant component of your electricity bill.

reduce energy charges

Time-shift your peak electricity usage. If your highest loads coincide with your utility’s peak-rate hours, let your energy storage system charge during the off-peak hours. Making the most of the less expensive stored energy can have a significant effect on your bill.

operate sustainably

Increase consumption of self-generated solar power, reducing the proportion of expensive grid power you use each month. Increased reliance on your own power also reduces your exposure to changes in your utility’s time-of-use rates.

earn revenues

Earn revenues from demand response (DR) programs. You can elect to have your on-site energy storage system automatically respond to DR requests to reduce demand from the grid by discharging power from the battery. There’s no effort on your part.

maximize uptime

Provide temporary backup power for critical loads during outages.

Organizations like yours have realized these benefits and more with GridSynergy® energy storage solutions.

Four reasons why it pays to work with ENGIE Storage.


    A performance-guaranteed commercial energy storage or solar-plus-storage solution.

  • ROI

    A full return on investment in less than 5 years, on average.


    A high financing success rate, due to our extensive credentials and backing from ENGIE.


    Minimal capital outlay through skillful use of incentive funding. We’ll help you make the case for energy storage to your stakeholders, with tutorials that will help them feel confident in approving your energy storage solution.

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