Energy storage is the enabler of our sustainable energy future.

With advanced software-driven energy storage, such as GridSynergy®, utilities and consumers can generate more renewable energy and use more of it, while helping to keep the grid in balance. At ENGIE Storage, you can have a real economic and environmental impact by contributing to the development and dissemination of these powerful, sustainable solutions.

How far can you go here?

It’s an exciting time to join ENGIE Storage. As energy-as-a-service becomes a reality, energy storage will have new and yet unforeseen roles to play in our customers’ businesses. You can help imagine and implement solutions for what is expected to be a $221 billion market.

What is it like here?

Our offices are humming with the creative energy of people who are motivated to make a difference. And everyone is approachable—from new hires to the helm, across the room or across the country. You’ll also be collaborating with our partners and customers, wherever they may be.

ENGIE Storage HQ



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