Compromise Clears Path for Major Massachusetts Solar and Storage Incentive

The agreement lets storage developers keep control of their capacity rights, and utilities get a new revenue stream to offset the solar incentive costs.

How well do you know your incentive programs? Clever energy storage financing could boost your general fund.

CA school districts and community colleges can use Prop 51 funds to invest in energy storage and quickly generate a return – turning a combination of savings, revenues and incentives into general funds.

Energy Storage Will Revolutionise the Energy Sector

The founder and CEO of Green Charge talks about how energy storage will revolutionise the energy sector.

Has California built its last natural gas plant?

Two pending decisions from state regulators will decide how California moves toward a clean(er) energy future.

Selma-Kingsburg-Fowler County Sanitation District to Save $14.7 Million in Energy Costs with Integrated Solar and Battery Storage

On November 8th, Selma-Kingsburg-Fowler County Sanitation District (SKFCSD) celebrated a major milestone in the implementation of its new energy program with two ENGIE North America companies, OpTerra Energy Services and Green Charge.

Green Charge Moves Into Utility-Scale Storage With Massachusetts Project

Storage developer Green Charge has made its first foray into utility-scale projects with a 3-megawatt/6-megawatt-hour deal in Massachusetts, marking an early entry in that state's nascent storage market.

ENGIE and Massachusetts utility team up for 6 MWh energy storage project

Green Charge said it expects to complete installation of the Mt. Tom energy storage project by April 2018 in time for peak summer demand when capacity costs are highest.

ENGIE, HG&E Team on Solar Energy Storage Project

Green Charge, a subsidiary of ENGIE NA, will operate the 3-MW storage system at Mt. Tom Solar, a solar farm that began operation in January 2017 adjacent to the shuttered Mt. Tom Power Station in Holyoke, a coal-fired power plant that closed…

Holyoke Gas & Electric to have largest utility-scale energy storage installation in Massachusetts

Holyoke Gas & Electric will soon have the capacity to store green electricity generated at a solar farm on the grounds of a former coal plant, allowing the utility to meet peaks in demand without buying power from the grid.

The elusive art of predicting energy storage savings in the real world

Increasingly, companies shopping for solar energy solutions now consider supporting these installations with energy storage. But it remains a challenge to run the numbers and prove how much money a solar-plus-storage project will actually s…