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When you partner with ENGIE Storage, you gain the expertise of the industry’s number one distributed energy storage provider and the assurance of the deep financial commitment and extensive professional resources of our parent company, ENGIE.

Tap into the intelligence of GridSynergy™

ENGIE Storage designs, finances, builds, and aggregates distributed energy storage solutions comprising the industry-leading GridSynergy command-and-control software and a fleet of energy storage units installed on both sides of the meter, at commercial sites or utility-owned substations. These systems collectively perform a range of grid services:

Feeder Demand Management

Learns and adapts to load zone profiles, recommending and executing optimal daily dispatch programming to reduce feeder congestion and operational inefficiencies.

Renewable firming and ramp rate control

A predictive balancing algorithm that increases predictability of renewable power generation for improved forecasting, trading, and minimal disruption to feeder power flow.

Primary frequency response

Uses our real-time frequency-sensing hardware and dynamic controller to adjust prioritization of grid services based on the extent of grid frequency deviation. This allows for a more stable grid with sub-second response to frequency deviations.

Voltage regulation and power factor correction

Monitors feeder voltages and power quality to determine optimal, geo-specific dispatch of real (MW) and reactive power support (MVAr) across an energy storage fleet. This allows for control of the voltage level and sustained power levels at all points along a distribution feeder.

Direct-control demand response

Monitors and forecasts state of charge to inform operators of fleet readiness to respond. When necessary, operators can override normal fleet programming for emergency dispatch.

Frequency regulation

Manages the energy storage fleet’s state of charge to maximize performance in regulated markets and provide frequency regulation via automatic generation control (AGC) dispatch to support grid stability, and where possible, receive wholesale market payments.

 “[ENGIE Storage] successfully demonstrated to Con Edison the ability to alleviate local load fluctuations in a decentralized network of distributed energy storage, solar PV, and EV charging.”

Secure Interoperable Open Smart Grid Project, Con Edison

Storage systems operated for 4 years during the demonstration and continue to serve site hosts and the grid today.

Streamline your project with our turnkey solutions

From engineering to operations, we have the experience and expertise to build and operate your distributed energy storage fleet. With over 160 sites in operation and under construction, totaling 65 MWh in distributed energy storage, we can deliver on quality at scale. Our team can assess your needs, and, design and implement the most effective solution, and find innovative ways to finance your project.

Scale with less risk with the GridSynergy Pilot Program

The GridSynergy Pilot Program is a multi-level, customized program that allows you to experience and prepare for a distributed energy storage solution while educating your staff on the new technology. Leveraging the experience of our extensive installed base, the pilot program also gives you the opportunity to tackle integration issues and develop processes for large-scale adoption.

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