Power Efficiency is the New Frontier in Efficiency Savings

Power Efficiency is the new frontier in efficiency savings, displacing the Energy Efficiency paradigm. It requires sophisticated software and predictive algorithms; but if done right, Power Efficiency holds the promise of using software instead…

Why America Needs to Stop Arguing about Light Bulbs

We have changed light bulbs, weatherized homes and turned down thermostats for the past decade with relatively little impact. We will not solve the challenges of an aging grid, rising electricity demand and a warming climate with energy efficiency.…

Batteries to Bolster Solar

Green Charge Networks’ GreenStations, for example, decrease electrical costs for commercial and industrial customers. GreenStations have already been installed in multiple locations throughout New York City.

Why a Changing Climate is Already Hurting Businesses

We may soon forget last week’s polar vortex that brought record-breaking cold to two-dozen states. But I guarantee that every business owner in America will remember that week when they open their utility bill at the end of the month. Unlike…

5 Reasons the Cleantech Industry is Stronger Than Ever

As a cleantech CEO who has received $12M in funding from the US Department of Energy, I feel compelled to assure the American public that your money has not been wasted. The cleantech industry has not crashed, as the recent 60 Minutes piece…

Top 10 Clean Energy Developments of 2013

Solar PV companies are adding storage to their offerings. Green Charge Networks came into the spotlight with solutions that offer distributed battery energy storage to commercial customers.

Five Reasons The Cleantech Industry Is Stronger Than Ever

As a Cleantech CEO who has received $12 million in funding from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), I feel compelled to assure the public that U.S. tax money has not been wasted.