We are thrilled to announce that ENGIE, the largest independent power producer and supplier of energy efficiency in the world, has acquired an 80 percent stake in Green Charge Networks. This acquisition means that Green Charge will have the financial strength, scale, and worldwide resources to continue our momentum in the emerging energy storage sector, and to provide world-class service and support to our customers and partners.

Our distribution grid today needs energy storage and intelligent software to optimize the flow of energy within an aging infrastructure. There is an urgency to the need – wind and solar are now economically competitive to fossil fuels; electric vehicles represent better value and convenience than gasoline-powered cars. To accommodate and speed up these advances, the Green Charge team has created a turnkey energy storage offering that has won industry accolades and gained rapid adoption amongst customers and partners.

As founder and CEO, I am tremendously proud and honored by the dedication and accomplishments of the Green Charge team. Together with our ecosystem of partners, vendors and customers, we are bringing efficiency and value to the global energy delivery network.

This transaction accelerates our mission to use energy storage to power the world efficiently and sustainably. ENGIE shares our vision that energy storage will change the way we generate and consume energy. Together, the journey for the emerging energy storage market is just beginning.

-Vic Shao, CEO
Green Charge Networks