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Nissan Enters the Energy Storage Market

Nissan announced it will deploy second-life vehicle batteries for commercial energy storage markets through partner Green Charge Networks; the first system is set to be placed this summer at a Nissan facility to offset demand charges.

G.M. and Nissan Reusing Old Electric Car Batteries

For years, automakers have looked for ways to reuse the batteries from electric cars, which retain significant storage capacity even after they are no longer useful for transport. Now, those efforts are beginning to bear fruit. On Monday, Nissan executives announced a partnership with Green Charge Networks, an energy storage provider, to sell stationary systems […]

Nissan sees old Leaf batteries working for stationary energy

Nissan will start working with a Silicon Valley-based company to further explore creating a market in which old Leaf electric-vehicle batteries can be reused for stationary energy storage. In fact, the Japanese automaker will deploy its first network of old Leaf batteries for electricity storage at one lucky Nissan facility this summer.

Nissan, GM Give EV Batteries a Second Life

The Nissan Leaf went on sale in December 2010, which means that the batteries in the earliest models of the world’s most popular electric vehicle need, or will soon need, to be replaced. Those batteries are not necessarily bound for the recycling bin, though…

Nissan and 4R Energy Partner with Green Charge Networks for Commercial Energy Storage Featuring Second-Life Electric Vehicle Batteries

Partnership enables commercial use of second-life lithium-ion vehicle batteries Santa Clara, Calif. (June 15, 2015) – Nissan Motor Company and Green Charge Networks, the largest provider of commercial energy storage, have joined forces to deploy second-life lithium-ion vehicle batteries for stationary commercial energy storage in the U.S. and international markets. With more than 178,000 sales […]

Green Charge Networks’ GreenStation™ Receives 2015 Product of the Year Award

Green Charge Networks’ GreenStation™ intelligent energy storage system has been selected as a winner of the 2015 Product of the Year Award by Environmental Leader. “Nice innovation in an emerging market, solving multiple problems (or capturing multiple opportunities) with a single product/application. Benefits both users and providers by lowering the total cost of operation for […]

Green Charge, Itochu sign global sales deal for smart storage solutions

Itochu Corp. has agreed to handle global distribution of Green Charge Networks’ intelligent energy storage solutions. The companies announced a strategic partnership on Tuesday that will see Japan’s third largest trading house will distribute, supply and procure Green Charge Networks’ smart storage solutions internationally.