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Tracking the Rise of Intelligent Energy Storage

Power industry regulators around the world are increasingly coming to realize the multiple benefits and advantages of intelligent energy storage solutions. As Navigant highlights in the Q1 2015 edition of its Energy Storage Tracker, new regulatory mandates in the U.S., Europe and across Asia-Pacific were key factors that made 2014 “a major year for the […]

Tips to Reduce Peak Demand Charges on Your Electric Bill

As energy usage rates fall in many areas of the U.S., demand charges are comprising an increasing portion of commercial and industrial (C&I) electricity bills, encompassing as much as 50 percent in some cases. So it makes sense for facility and energy managers to learn how to reduce them. Businesses cannot change the demand charge […]

Legislation That Boosts Energy Storage and Self Generation

California is a leader in boosting energy storage and self generation for commercial and industrial energy users with its Self Generation Incentive Program. Other states are expected to follow, says Vic Shao, CEO of Green Charge Networks in this podcast interview. Keep an eye on New York, New England, Texas and Hawaii.

Big Returns for Utility Customers Using New Power Efficiency-Battery Storage Platform

Commercial and utility-scale battery storage and systems providers are getting a boost from state government initiatives in California, and, if a new proposal passes legislative muster, in New York. Integrated as part of intelligent demand response/reduction systems, and you may have the missing link that could drive the decarbonization, and decentralization, of US power infrastructure […]