Santa Clara, Calif. November 7, 2016 – Green Charge today announced a contract award from Con Edison [New York] to deliver 13 megawatt hours for Con Edison’s Brooklyn-Queens Neighborhood Program. Green Charge will install and operate intelligent energy storage, at no cost to site host customers, within areas of Brooklyn and Queens. The distributed energy storage portfolio will operate as a virtual power plant to mitigate peak load on the local distribution system. Con Edison’s Neighborhood Program will help Con Edison defer more than $1 billion in new infrastructure spending.

“Our Neighborhood Program is all about finding new strategies and technologies to help our customers manage their energy usage and still have the reliable power they need,” said Greg Elcock, who manages the program for Con Edison. “We decided to test out an auction as a way to help us keep service reliable at times of high demand and we’re pleased with the outcome.”

Green Charge will install, operate and maintain GridSynergy Storage at businesses, schools, housing cooperatives and multi-family unit facilities in the Brooklyn-Queens boroughs. Green Charge co-optimizes systems to provide customers with utility bill savings, backup power for critical loads, and solar PV integration. These systems will run for 10 years, adjusting operations in accordance with facility energy use patterns, time of day, weather variations, and solar production (if present).

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“Green Charge has been working with Con Edison since 2012 when we set out to tackle the increasing need to respond to rapid fluctuations in load on a moment’s notice,” said Vic Shao, CEO at Green Charge. “We have been operating together now for more than four years. The delivery network and energy storage systems have withstood 24/7 operation, multiple heat waves, the “Polar Vortex” and Hurricane Sandy. We are now set to enter the next phase of our work together – exploring cost effective means of relieving local energy congestion and system contingencies through a program designed to prevent or postpone the costly construction of new electrical infrastructure.”

About Green Charge
Green Charge has been designing and deploying commercial energy storage since 2009, with systems installed throughout the United States. Backed by ENGIE, the largest independent power producer in the world, Green Charge’s mission is to use energy storage to power the world efficiently and sustainably. Our team is comprised of top energy storage industry experts, who provide performance-based solutions to optimize the value of energy for our customers. Our ecosystem of solar, EV charging, and energy efficiency partners allows our customers to combine energy storage and renewables easily and economically. Delivering all these capabilities with the least possible risk is the Green Charge Power Efficiency Agreement—a shared-savings model that puts the power of energy storage in customers’ hands with no capital outlay.

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