Santa Clara, Calif. October 18, 2016 – Green Charge today announced it is teaming with Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) in Northern and Central California to deliver grid services from distributed energy storage. Green Charge will install and operate intelligent energy storage for PG&E’s Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) pilot.

“In California there are frequent periods of high demand for energy that cause stress on the electrical grid,” said Vic Shao, CEO of Green Charge. “Distribution system operators are also facing increasingly complex challenges with growth in distributed energy resources. Energy storage provides a smarter, more efficient grid that helps to relieve stress during peak periods and provide grid support services.”

Green Charge has been selected by PG&E to develop and aggregate a fleet of energy storage systems in San Jose, CA to evaluate how customer-sited energy storage can be used to operationally support the grid during periods of high electric demand. Green Charge energy storage systems will be used to provide capacity relief at targeted distribution substations, and Green Charge’s GridSynergy platform will integrate with a Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) – which is being developed in collaboration between PG&E and GE Grid Solutions — to provide several grid services including voltage anomaly mitigation and economic dispatch, via automated control signals. Throughout, and after the conclusion of the pilot, Green Charge will continue to provide power efficiency savings services to customers for the remainder of the ten-year customer contracts.

About Green Charge
Green Charge has been designing and deploying commercial energy storage since 2009, with systems installed throughout the United States. Backed by ENGIE, the largest independent power producer in the world, Green Charge’s mission is to use energy storage to power the world efficiently and sustainably. Our team is comprised of top energy storage industry experts, who provide performance-based solutions to optimize the value of energy for our customers. Our ecosystem of solar, EV charging, and energy efficiency partners allows our customers to combine energy storage and renewables easily and economically. Delivering all these capabilities with the least possible risk is the Green Charge Power Efficiency Agreement—a shared-savings model that puts the power of energy storage in customers’ hands with no capital outlay.

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Anne Smith
Green Charge Networks