Batteries to Bolster Solar

Green Charge Networks’ GreenStations, for example, decrease electrical costs for commercial and industrial customers. GreenStations have already been installed in multiple locations throughout New York City.

Top 10 Clean Energy Developments of 2013

Solar PV companies are adding storage to their offerings. Green Charge Networks came into the spotlight with solutions that offer distributed battery energy storage to commercial customers.

Five Reasons The Cleantech Industry Is Stronger Than Ever

As a Cleantech CEO who has received $12 million in funding from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), I feel compelled to assure the public that U.S. tax money has not been wasted.

Take Charge - A Roadmap to Electric NYC Taxis

Green Charge Networks (GCN) has installed a DC Fast Charger at a 7-Eleven on Francis Lewis Boulevard in Queens. This charger is integrated with Green Charge Networks’ GreenStation, which is an energy storage system that locally stores energy…

DOE-Backed Distributed Storage Startup Receives First Angel Funding

Brooklyn NY-based distributed energy storage startup Green Charge Networks received angel funding this week from Richard Lowenthal, founder and CTO of car charging network ChargePoint. Lowenthal also will join Green Charge Networks’ advisory…

SEEDZ EV Workshop: CEO Presentation on Energy Storage and EV

The workshop focused on local trends in enterprise deployment of PEV charging infrastructure, related organizational issues and challenges. In addition, it concentrated on emerging energy management challenges, opportunities and approaches associated…

GCN and New York City's Corner-Store Smart Grid

Can lithium-ion batteries at 7-Eleven stores and rent-a-car EV charging stations give NYC utility ConEd street-by-street grid control?

7-Eleven Has Success with EV Charging Stations [with Energy Storage]

Green Charge Networks energy storage solutions worked with 7-Eleven as well as the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and several utility companies to leverage local solar generation and energy storage. This enables them to use high-powered electric…

Commercial Buildings and Utilities – More in Common Than One Would Think

At first glance, utilities and commercial electricity consumers do not have a lot in common. In fact, they appear to be on the opposite end of the spectrum. One supplies electricity, while the other demands it. One generally pays, while the…

Green Charge Networks Announces Breakthrough in Power Efficiency using Energy Storage

Green Charge Networks today announced the company's next step in delivering power efficiency, using ROI-Driven Energy Storage at Intersolar North America.