ENGIE and Massachusetts utility team up for 6 MWh energy storage project

Green Charge said it expects to complete installation of the Mt. Tom energy storage project by April 2018 in time for peak summer demand when capacity costs are highest.

ENGIE, HG&E Team on Solar Energy Storage Project

Green Charge, a subsidiary of ENGIE NA, will operate the 3-MW storage system at Mt. Tom Solar, a solar farm that began operation in January 2017 adjacent to the shuttered Mt. Tom Power Station in Holyoke, a coal-fired power plant that closed…

Holyoke Gas & Electric to have largest utility-scale energy storage installation in Massachusetts

Holyoke Gas & Electric will soon have the capacity to store green electricity generated at a solar farm on the grounds of a former coal plant, allowing the utility to meet peaks in demand without buying power from the grid.

The elusive art of predicting energy storage savings in the real world

Increasingly, companies shopping for solar energy solutions now consider supporting these installations with energy storage. But it remains a challenge to run the numbers and prove how much money a solar-plus-storage project will actually s…

Five million commercial customers could cut costs with energy storage

The U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Clean Energy Group (CEG) have released the first comprehensive public analysis detailing the potential size of the commercial behind-the-meter battery storage market…

Batteries Could be Latest Clean Technology to Get California Boost

Ten years ago, California started giving homeowners and businesses rebates to go solar, hoping to kick-start an industry. It worked.

The 2017 Grid Edge Awards: Projects Defining the Future Integrated, Interactive Electric Grid

For the past four years, Greentech Media has been giving its Grid Edge Awards to the leading companies and projects that incorporate distributed energy resources, energy-enabled customers, and other emerging trends that are upending the century-old…

Commercial Energy Storage: Sustainability’s Low-Hanging Fruit

It is easy to talk about sustainability, especially when the timeframes for achieving quantifiable results are comfortably far in the future. It’s much harder to actually implement feasible sustainability programs that will have a significant…

Green Charge to install 2 MWh storage system at California college

Green Charge's agreement with Pacific Union could reap the college as much as $800,000 in shared savings.

Cleantech Aims to Capitalize on Energy Storage and Integrated Energy Solutions

The Cleantech Forum, organized by the Cleantech Group, took place on January 23-25. President Trump’s inauguration provided the backdrop for entrepreneurs, investors and experts to emphasize the need for technological solutions that can accelerate…