Commercial Energy Storage: Sustainability’s Low-Hanging Fruit

It is easy to talk about sustainability, especially when the timeframes for achieving quantifiable results are comfortably far in the future. It’s much harder to actually implement feasible sustainability programs that will have a significant…

Green Charge to install 2 MWh storage system at California college

Green Charge's agreement with Pacific Union could reap the college as much as $800,000 in shared savings.

Cleantech Aims to Capitalize on Energy Storage and Integrated Energy Solutions

The Cleantech Forum, organized by the Cleantech Group, took place on January 23-25. President Trump’s inauguration provided the backdrop for entrepreneurs, investors and experts to emphasize the need for technological solutions that can accelerate…

Green Charge to deliver megawatt-scale commercial storage system for California college

A liberal arts college in California will get a 1MW/2MWh energy storage system from Green Charge that could save the facility US$800,000 over its lifetime.

Is it finally time to add energy storage to your solar services?

It seems as though energy storage has moved from being an “industry buzzword” into something to finally seriously consider. The technology is there, and utilities are taking notice.

Schools Save Millions with Solar + Storage

The 125,000 public schools in the U.S. spend $8 billion annually on energy. To reduce these costs, many school districts are looking to energy efficiency, solar, and energy storage.

Solar + Commercial Energy Storage Provides Effective Hedge Against Uncertainty

Many businesses and public sector organizations are realizing that a judicious combination of self-generated solar PV and behind-the-meter energy storage can greatly reduce overall energy costs while increasing ratepayer control over those costs.

Green Charge: The Energy Storage Startup Transforming A $100 Billion Market

The energy storage industry has grown to become a $100 billion market, projected to reach $250 billion by 2040. This massive valuation is due, in part, to more than 50% of consumer energy bills being attributed to peak hour charges. Noticing…

3 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Watch Clean Energy

The private sector has stepped up to the plate both with a demand for using clean energy solutions and a plethora of technologies to meet that demand.

PG&E teams up with Green Charge for aggregated grid storage project

Green Charge will develop and aggregate a fleet of energy storage systems in San Jose to evaluate how customer-sited energy storage can be used to support the grid during periods of high electric demand.