Since we began installing intelligent energy storage systems in 2009, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t for organizations in education, local government, hospitality, industry, and retail. Over the years, we’ve developed increasingly sophisticated offerings. We’ve partnered with leading providers of EV charging, solar PV, and energy services. Most recently, we’ve joined the ENGIE family, deriving strength from its deep financial and energy industry resources. As a result of all of these changes, we are now serving both commercial users and energy distribution companies in multiple ways.

We’re delivering more, and so is our website

To give you a better understanding of the balanced, interconnected, and holistic nature of our energy storage solution, we have completely revamped our online presence. Whether you’re a commercial user or an energy producer or distributor, you will be able to quickly find out about the 5-part Green Charge energy storage solutions that suit your particular industry and applications. You’ll also find it easier to access the educational resources that have been so popular with customers, members of the press, and others interested in energy storage.

Overall, we hope the new website provides a more enjoyable user experience; let us know how we can make it even better. Like the energy markets we serve, our organization and our online presence should be increasingly useful as they continually evolve. We’re excited to have you along on this journey.