When energy storage joins the blockchain, the entire energy community benefits

By Tim Larrison, CFO | April 14, 2017 Answering the call for increasing energy self-reliance, a grassroots electricity-sharing model is emerging. “Community microgrids,” comprising community-owned or subscribed solar PV and other renewable…

The Next Energy Frontier: Power Efficiency

For much of the past four decades, energy efficiency has been the focus of electricity cost-saving initiatives. We have changed light bulbs, swapped out old appliances, insulated our buildings, and added solar systems. The efficiency gains have slowed, however, and the next savings frontier will come from power efficiency. Through a combination of distributed energy storage and sophisticated software, our society can control power more efficiently and increase utilization of trillions of dollars of grid assets already in place. Intelligent energy storage can reduce the stress on our electric grid while helping businesses save money on their monthly electric bills.

PG&E teams up with Green Charge for aggregated grid storage project

Green Charge will develop and aggregate a fleet of energy storage systems in San Jose to evaluate how customer-sited energy storage can be used to support the grid during periods of high electric demand.

Check Out The Energy Tech That’s Quietly Being Adopted By Schools

California is the home of clean energy innovation. If an idea is going to take off and achieve national and international adoption, it has to work in California first.

Risk-modeling accuracy key to selling solar + storage

By Dan Vickery, Director, Market Development & Analytics | August 8, 2016 Anyone who cares about sustainability, free markets, and lower energy costs can reasonably claim that when solar PV providers thrive, so do solar customers. But…

French Company Takes 80% Stake in Battery Developer Green Charge Networks

Energy storage is attracting a growing amount of interest from large corporate players. ENGIE hopes to leverage Green Charge Networks’ stand-alone battery and solar-plus-battery solutions.

A note from our CEO - we built something customers want.

We are thrilled to announce that ENGIE, the largest independent power producer and supplier of energy efficiency in the world, has acquired an 80 percent stake in Green Charge Networks. This acquisition means that Green Charge will have the…

Green Charge Deploys Storage in San Diego Financed by Savings from Peak Demand Reduction

Declining costs have been a driving factor in the recent rapid growth of energy storage, but financial innovation is beginning to play an increasingly important role.

Largest Energy Storage Project Yet in California Schools

Green Charge Networks has inked a deal to install the largest energy storage project to date in a California school district, a 7.4 MWh system for San Diego’s Grossmont Union High School District.

Sugarcane, Seafood, Soybeans, Soft Drinks and Storage?

Why food processing and energy storage? Are you nuts? Energy storage is the best thing for the food processing industry since sliced bread! February 17th marks the opening of California’s largest food processing tradeshow – the Food Processing…