The Next Energy Frontier: Power Efficiency

For much of the past four decades, energy efficiency has been the focus of electricity cost-saving initiatives. We have changed light bulbs, swapped out old appliances, insulated our buildings, and added solar systems. The efficiency gains have slowed, however, and the next savings frontier will come from power efficiency. Through a combination of distributed energy storage and sophisticated software, our society can control power more efficiently and increase utilization of trillions of dollars of grid assets already in place. Intelligent energy storage can reduce the stress on our electric grid while helping businesses save money on their monthly electric bills.

Take Advantage of New York's Distributed Energy Storage Bonus Incentives

California isn't the only U.S. state forging ahead and instituting incentives to develop and deploy distributed energy storage solutions as a means of reducing air pollution and enhancing the reliability, resiliency and affordability of the…

Energy Storage: A Sustainable Alternative to Natural Gas Peaker Plants?

Not only does the construction of natural gas-fired power plants require huge amounts of capital -- the costs of which are typically passed on to ratepayers -- they are heavily polluting, and they use huge amounts of precious water resources.

Super-storms Highlight Multiple Benefits of Intelligent Energy Storage Solutions

A looming “super-storm” in the North Pacific that may bring hurricane-force winds and frigid cold across western Alaska, the Pacific Northwest and much of the “Lower 48” calls to mind the massive damages, disruptions and billions of…

Lancaster Installs Demand-Charge Station for Vehicles

Lancaster has partnered with a Santa Clara company to install an energy-storage system and electric-vehicle charging station as part of its plan to become the nation’s first city that produces as much power as it consumes.

City of Lancaster and Green Charge Networks Unveil New Energy Storage System at Museum of Art and History

Today, the City of Lancaster and Green Charge Networks unveiled an energy storage system at the Lancaster Museum of Art & History (MOAH). The partners also unveiled Lancaster’s first Electric Vehicle (EV) fast charging station, located…