How Sustainability Works for All of Us

By Vic Shao, CEO | February 16, 2017 For many, “sustainability” evokes images of solar panels, windmills, and electric vehicles. When we at Green Charge use the word, we are indeed talking about reducing carbon emissions by using energy…

Energy Storage: A Sustainable Alternative to Natural Gas Peaker Plants?

Not only does the construction of natural gas-fired power plants require huge amounts of capital -- the costs of which are typically passed on to ratepayers -- they are heavily polluting, and they use huge amounts of precious water resources.
Peoples Climate March NYC - South Bend Voice

Calls for Greater Climate Change Action Highlights Benefits of Intelligent Energy Storage

As world leaders gathered for at U.N. headquarters for the 2014 Climate Summit an estimated 400,000 or so marchers paraded through the streets of Manhattan in New York City calling on governments, businesses and communities to take stronger…