By Scott Wilson, Director of Operations | May 17, 2017

Energy industry pundits are enthusiastic about the pace of adoption of behind-the-meter energy storage. Caveats about financing challenges or legislative uncertainty seem to have little effect on this vigorous upward trend.

However, some of the C&I facility managers we’ve spoken to don’t see energy storage installations through such rose-colored glasses. Anything that involves construction or utility interconnection is seen as a time sink for administrators, and a hardship for employees and patrons. This is especially significant in education, hospitality, or retail: Obstructed access, safety concerns, and loss of service can lead to public outcry, and facility managers aren’t keen on damaging their organization’s reputation.

In truth, deploying energy storage is a complex project, involving engineering, permitting, on-site installation, and utility interconnection. But most prospective energy storage customers would be pleasantly surprised to learn how little of this complexity impacts their resources and day-to-day facility operations.

Having conducted numerous energy storage deployments over the past six years, we have refined our procedures to minimize business impact. Customer involvement is typically limited to activities such as

  • Providing site access for daily construction activities
  • Scheduling a short (typically 1-4 hour) service shutdown for system connection (when most convenient)
  • Providing material storage and laydown areas
  • Apprising us of site-specific safety and security requirements (we handle background checks for personnel badging)

Green Charge and its partners coordinate and execute all permitting, construction, and installation, keeping customers abreast of the project status at weekly meetings. The installation itself is relatively fast, because every UL-listed enclosure is pre-built and thoroughly inspected before it arrives on site and can be set up on a concrete slab in a few days.

We comply with all regulatory and site-specific safety requirements for the transport and delivery of the hardware components. And Green Charge-qualified personnel install, test, and commission each energy storage system for successful interconnection at your site and with the public utility.

We conclude each project with a lessons-learned meeting to ensure that all parties are proud of the end result and happy with the experience. Here’s what a few of them have said:

“Green Charge … walked us through what they were going to do, mapped out what resources it would entail, explained how they were going to work with the City … and even forecasted what our savings would be. That’s what the other vendors couldn’t, or wouldn’t, do.”

Kevin CunananDirector of Operations, Shore Hotel

“The Green Charge project manager was very easy to work with. Aside from the initial site walks and providing access for SDG&E approvals and building inspections, I haven’t had to do much. It’s been a smooth, turnkey experience, and Green Charge is always accessible to answer my questions.”

Lindsey DannerAquatics and Energy Manager, Grossmont Union High School District

“Other than reviewing the initial contracts, finding a spot and walking the floor, it took very little of my time or my crew’s time.”

Mike HessFounder and Chief Brewing Officer, Mike Hess Brewing

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