January 22, 2018

For years, people have known Green Charge as one of the industry’s most respected energy storage companies. Without much fanfare, we spent years honing our GridSynergy™ energy storage solution to help commercial customers reduce their energy costs, and partnering with solar providers and EV charging companies to power the world more sustainably and efficiently.

As distributed energy resources (DER) became increasingly important to utilities and other grid operators, we aggregated our customer-sited storage systems to help those operators manage the demands of an increasingly complex energy ecosystem.

Industry analysts have taken note of all this, with Navigant naming us the nation’s number one distributed energy storage provider. Energy industry titans have perceived our value as well. In April, 2016, ENGIE, the world’s largest provider of energy and energy services, acquired a majority stake in our company. ENGIE’s financial backing and its undisputed stability gave our customers even greater confidence that we would follow through on our projects, and that we would be around to operate and support their systems for the full term of their contracts.

Today, we have become an integral part of ENGIE North America, and are proud to do business under a new name: ENGIE Storage. The name reflects a new brand positioning, one that helps customers, investors, and the media better understand the range of energy solutions that ENGIE provides.

But a well-respected energy storage company—by any other name—is still a company you can rely on, whether you need energy storage behind the meter or on the grid edge. As ENGIE Storage, we continue to invest in technological, financial, and service innovations to further everyone’s goal of a sustainably power-efficient planet. As part of the ENGIE family of companies, we will also be pleased to have the opportunity to serve you in broader contexts, such as energy efficiency, energy management, and emerging energy-as-a-service solutions.

Please join us in conversation, on our website, on social media, at trade shows, and in other forums. We welcome your questions and input into the role of energy storage—and ENGIE Storage—in your organization’s future.