Combining Solar & Storage for Commercial Buildings | Solar Energy Show

Green Charge Networks' CEO, Vic Shao, goes on the Solar Energy Show to talk about how energy storage complements solar PV systems.

Legislation That Boosts Energy Storage and Self Generation

California is a leader in boosting energy storage and self generation for commercial and industrial energy users with its Self Generation Incentive Program. Other states are expected to follow, says Vic Shao, CEO of Green Charge Networks in…

Using Energy Storage to Flatten Peaks and Save Money

In this Energy podcast Vic Shao, Green Charge Networks' CEO, explains how predictive analytics are used to manage energy storage systems and cut costs through peak demand reduction.
Solar Speaks

Green Charge Networks Helps Solve Energy Storage Issues | Solar Speaks

Green Charge Networks' CEO, Vic Shao, addresses energy storage issues by bringing public and private sectors together.