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For the second year in a row Green Charge is a finalist for the Energy Storage North America Innovation Awards in the Distributed Storage Project category. Green Charge was nominated by Cleantech San Diego for our California Schools & Utilities Trust Program.

Green Charge’s partnership with California schools and utilities demonstrates new business opportunities by collaborating across both sides of the meter and showcasing how energy storage can increase revenues, hedge against site-specific building/battery conditions, and increase participation in demand response programs. Green Charge is working with 10 schools/districts and utilities to reduce energy costs and streamline DR programs through a single point of contact. Green Charge Networks started installations for the California Schools & Utilities Trust Program in 2014, with Fullerton State University, Butte Community College, and Peralta Community College District. The schools save thousands on energy costs, allowing more funds to be invested into resources for the students.

Schools have energy load profiles well-suited to the Demand Response needs of the utilities. Even with the rise in solar, utilities still struggle in the afternoon/evening hours to ramp-up capacity when solar production is tapering off. School buildings peak around lunchtime, with loads dropping after school hours – when the distribution grid is in need. In summertime when the distribution grid sees its peak, schools are not in session, so it’s easy to lower energy consumption and reduce stress on the grid.

Green Charge has provided schools with tremendous value and many of them are expanding and/or upsizing their deployments. Green Charge is collaborating with all three utilities on DR programs to maximize utilization and efficiency. The Program has turned into a scalable economic model, serving the needs for both sides of the meter.

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